From MD's desk

My dear Colleagues and friends,

My greetings to you on the auspicious occasion of our nation’s 70th Republic Day. This day in 1950, the Constitution of India came into force, declaring independent India a sovereign republic. Since then, this day every year, we celebrate the supremacy of the people of the country and pay our respects to the freedom fighters and martyrs whose blood, sweat and toil made it possible for us to be free of the shackles of British colonialism. India has undoubtedly achieved much since breaking free of the British and we have become a robust country in many ways, progressing economically and scientifically. On the Social front too, considering the huge cross cultural population, we have definitely covered a lot of ground although complete assimilation is bound to take time. Since the time it became a sovereign nation, India has given us a legacy to be proud of, a legacy that will guide us as we herald the future.

 They say every drop makes an ocean. No matter how small in the national context, BCPL too has been a part of the development story especially of the northeast region of India. 8th January this year marked our 12th Foundation Day and our journey thus far too has been an amazing one taking us through periods of sweat and toil and many challenges. Our achievements have been significant and the Board of Directors has acknowledged our efforts in achieving successful capacity utilisation of more than 100%. It was certainly a matter of pride for us that the Board of Directors have appreciated our efforts and expressed confidence on our capability that we could live up to the expectations of the people of Assam. My congratulations to the team for befittingly organizing Foundation Day of BCPL on such a short notice.

 Besides the operational front, BCPL is also making inroads in the human, social and intellectual area. Various employee friendly policies were implemented and the proposal for revision of pay scales is being followed up. We are continually trying to improve our policies and practices. In order to ensure implementation of all Govt. of India directives on official language and for promotion of Hindi in day to day working, incentives are being provided to the employees and a policy to that effect has been approved by the Board recently. The proposal for increasing the stipend of GET/ETs has also been approved in the recent Board Meeting and shall be implemented shortly.

In its own modest way, BCPL has engaged in developmental activities, remaining particularly committed to promotion of overall wellbeing in the neighbouring areas with primary focus on health, safety and environment. We have immersed ourselves enthusiastically in the implementation of the Government’s ambitious initiative for a clean India, as best as we can.

 The BCPL Staff Welfare Committee has commendably been organizing numerous sports, social and cultural activities which are imperative for all round development of our people. The Ladies Club, Sangini too is doing good work in mobilizing the women and children in various activities.

It is indeed heartening to note that BCPL is growing in every aspect and I am sure we will continue to do so meaningfully. I take the opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to Team BCPL and their families, the stakeholders, the district administration, CISF and all who are  directly or indirectly associated with BCPL. Without your support none of this would’ve been possible.

 As we hoist the tricolour on this 70th Republic Day, let us recollect and promise to uphold what it really stands for - Strength and courage, peace and truth and the fertility, growth and auspiciousness of our land. Let us affirm our duty to contribute to the country’s development and preserve its dignity and position and most importantly its unique all-encompassing and tolerant culture. We have it in us and we can do it.

 Jai Hind